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Search engines use web indexers that visit sites to evaluate new links and pages, in order to register them, as well as check the status of web pages through different data, such as links and meta tags; hence the importance of completing them correctly on each page, publication and content for SEO campaigns.

Meta tags are fragments of HTML code that are inserted into all web pages to be read by web indexers or search engine robots; They aim to include reference information about the page. Although they are code snippets, it is not necessary to understand a lot of programming to insert them on each page of your sites, since there are currently many SEO tools that allow you to include them without seeing the source code.

There are different types of meta tags, the most popular are those of description, title and keywords; Although not all of them are important, they must be filled in correctly to help you in your optimization strategies. In order to analyze them and determine how important they are for SEO, they can be broadly divided into good, specific and those that are suggested to be avoided.

These are the meta tags that should be on each page of your website, no matter what type of content you have; the following ones that we will comment are not the only ones, although there is more, it is suggested that you only work on them.

Content type (Meta content type). It is a necessary label to declare the character set or character set for the page and must always be present. It is a defined list of characters recognized by the hardware and software of the computers. The ASCII character set uses the numbers 0 through 127 to represent all English and special control characters; Meanwhile, European ISOs are similar, but contain additional characters for European languages.
Title. It is located in the page header and contains key information for SEO. There should always be a unique title tag on each page, whose function is to describe the page and that indexers can display it in search engine results.
Description (Meta description). It is used for the main purpose of the page: describe content to search engines while reading SERPs. Although it does not influence the ranking of search engines, it is very important as it contains the information that users will see on the results pages. It must be created to get the attention of users and invite them to click and have a maximum length of 160 characters to prevent it from being cut.
Viewport Currently, most users use browsers on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, so websites must have a responsive design. In these types of designs, the viewport meta tag must be specified, otherwise you may run the risk of having a bad mobile experience for users.
Keywords (Keywords). SEO specialists recommend indicating the specific keywords for each content. In many cases, the inclusion of this meta tag is automated, otherwise it is important to indicate it.
Some websites need specific meta tags, according to the design, turnaround and specifications of SEO campaigns. Among the most used are:

Social meta tags. There are special tags that are important to share on social networks (although they are not necessary in themselves) such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They help define exactly how titles, descriptions, images and more important data appear when sharing on a page on social networks.
It is used only when you want the robots not to index the website and / or that the links on the page are not followed. If they are not placed, the robots will default to indexing and tracking the links. It is also important to specify the name of the robot to which the instructions are directed.
Language (Language). The only reason to use this tag is if your website is international and is available in several languages. It aims to declare the main language of the page.
These types of labels are only compatible with Bing and establish data such as the name of the place, the position (latitude and longitude) and the region.