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Browse safer with link analyzers (URLs)

Check if a web address you are going to access links to a page that is secure or is otherwise malicious.
On the Internet you can find virtually anything you want. You just have to enter what you need in the search field and a list of hundreds of pages will be shown to you. Now, not all links provided by search engines are reliable or secure pages. Unfortunately, some of them are malicious web pages; they infect the user's computer, promote scams or request sensitive information (email, among others).

How can you get to a malicious web page?

Not only is it possible to find malicious web pages in results displayed by the search engine, criminals are very clever and try to sneak into fraudulent web links through email, social networks or instant messaging. For this reason, you should always be very attentive to any email, message you receive.

What tricks do criminals use to fool you?

The main deception technique used by the *bad guys* is social engineering that basically consists in directing the behavior of a person to act in a certain way (click on links, enter passwords, visit pages, etc.) convinced that they are Doing the right thing when in fact you are being tricked by a criminal with the objective, as we have mentioned before, of downloading viruses to your computer, cheating you financially or encouraging you to provide your private information.

Use a URL parser to avoid accessing malicious web pages

You may wonder, what can I do not to open malicious pages? How can I know if a link takes me to a fraudulent page? The answer is clear and simple, use common sense and do not click on any link you receive through email, social networks, chat, SMS, etc., but also use a URL analyzer that will check if a web address which you will access links to a page that is secure. Transparently for you, this tool is responsible for scanning the content of the page to visit and let you know if it is safe or not.

Currently, free online URL analyzers are available that are very easy to handle: copies the link - before clicking on it - where the tool tells you, and it then takes care of performing an analysis of the destination website. After the process - for a few seconds - it shows you the result of the analysis.