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The search for keywords or keywords represents a fundamental part of any inbound marketing strategy. Determining the keywords that represent an opportunity and their respective long tail keywords offers you a platform where you will later develop your favorite strategy to generate content, as well as identify which keywords do not favor your positioning.

The network is full of these tools. There are all kinds of alternatives: online and desktop applications, free and paid, among others.

To make this process as easy as possible, in this article we want to share with you the 12 totally free and most effective online tools to search for keywords.
Here you will find completely free versions that show results in Spanish. Let's review each tool in detail:
This platform uses the Google Suggest function in the same way, although in this case the only difference is the sampling of the information, which appears in vertical format and allows you to select the most interesting and then easily obtain a table that takes you to your favorite tool for forecasting and observing traffic by keyword.

Sometimes the results are different from those of other similar applications, so I recommend using several to compare results and know if it is a good idea to use a long-tailed keyword before starting to write.

The results of this tool are very surprising, since what it proposes is directly results that could well be the titles of the articles on the subject sought. Here you see an example with the star request: ¬ęsearch for keywords¬Ľ.
This is your option if you want to know the internet trends. So you can resume topics that are relevant at this time for your audience and you will successfully insert yourself into the conversation in your sector.
In that image you see the comparison between two search terms, which will make it easier for you to define your content. In addition, you will know the trends of each country and even the most important categories regarding an event, such as a sports tournament or presidential elections, for example.

Without a doubt, it will open your panorama about global and regional interests, which you can segment and combine to your liking.