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About Server Status Checker

What is the status of the server and how to verify it?

Tools to verify server status

The seo tools Server program includes several tools with which you can check the operating status of the server at any time. Frequent verification of server status will improve the administrator's ability to detect problems or symptoms quickly.

A periodic review of the server status provides a fairly stable basis for determining what a normal server should look like. Information that, over time, deviates from the norm, will indicate that something has changed and that it requires the attention of the administrator.

The tools to verify the status of the server are explained in the following sections.

Event logs
It is possible to track a series of events related to the daily operation of the server thanks to the seo tools Server Manager event logs. Such events are stored in one of these three types of records: system, security and application. Administrators should implement rules that regulate the recording of events and include the review of records as a common part of troubleshooting activities.

It can be especially useful to represent the typical use of the server by modifying the data in the event log using a spreadsheet or a word processor. This method can be used to generate a profile of the standard operating mode and thus predict trends in server usage.

Server status
seo tools Server stores statistical information about the use of the server at any time and accumulated statistics about the use over a period of time. It is always useful to review this data on a regular basis and when a problem is detected on the server.

Server Information
To view data about current server usage, use the seo tools Server Manager Information view (see "Viewing seo tools Server Information"). It provides details about the active sessions between the client and the server and the resources used by those sessions:

user name of the active seo tools Server Manager session

server name

hardware type


System Name seo tools Server

seo tools Server system domain name

seo tools Server system function (if it is BDC, the PDC name also appears)

seo tools Server software version number

Server Status (stopped or running)

Wizard status Schedule database maintenance (scheduled or unscheduled)

Accumulated Statistics

To view the accumulated data regarding the use of the server, you can use the net statistics command on the seo tools Server command line, which provides the cumulative totals for different server activities. Administrators who examine these statistics on a regular basis will see that it is easier to recognize and make changes to the operation of the system.